Our New Favorite Room

    February 2, 2018

    Since January 1, we’ve been hanging out nonstop in what we lovingly refer to as the great room. Ta da!

    It’s far from finished, though that seems to be our theme for the house! It’s like…80% done. That 80% took us forever, and we’re hopeful that the remaining projects will not take us too long. Here’s what we have left to do:

    • replace two windows (we have them…just waiting for it to warm up a bit!)
    • install window trim and baseboards
    • paint edges / touch up some spots
    • install lights and ceiling fan
    • build a door to the furnace room
    • stain remaining beams

    I know, I know. It’s a long list, but honestly, these are all pretty doable compared to the previous projects. This room was…awful. It was completely unlivable, so we’re happy to actually be able to use it now! The fireplace is definitely a favorite feature; Bear and Reyna love it too. 🙂

    We actually haven’t worked on the house since the morning of January 1. Honestly, it’s been a nice break! We’ve been able to step back, relax, and take a deep breath, all of which are necessary when you’re renovating an entire house. I should clarify – I was relaxing and Evan was winning awards. He was named Innovator of the Year! (He doesn’t read the blog, thankfully. He’d be so embarrassed I mentioned it!)

    We’re certainly ready to tackle projects in 2018 and can’t wait to get back into it!


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