Our Master Bedroom

    January 10, 2017

    So here’s the thing about our master bedroom:  it’s massive. Like way, way too big for us. It’s actually bigger than our studio was in San Francisco (although what isn’t?).

    But I suppose that’s not a completely horrible thing. As you can see, we’ve actually set up part of our modular couch in the bedroom for now along with our TV. Those will go into the family room (the great room with vaulted ceilings!) once it’s renovated. We truly had no other place to store the couch, so it actually worked out for the time being (the other two sections of it are in the office). We don’t necessarily believe in having TVs in the bedroom, but it’s temporary — and the way it’s set up feels a bit more sectioned off like it is its own little room!

    We love all the windows! There are four in the bedroom and one in the walk-in closet, so the natural light is on point. The curtains were from the previous owners, and while we’re not fans, they are good for privacy purposes. We will probably switch to blinds once we tackle the upstairs.

    The closet! I never thought I would love a walk-in closet as much as I do. Maybe it’s because we basically lived in a closet (read: our studio in San Francisco) and made it work, so a walk-in feature seemed totally frivolous. Folks, it’s amazing! It’s so much easier to keep the rest of the bedroom clean and tidy. We still need to figure out the best way to maximize the closet space, but we have a good starting point.

    Also, that light fixture is so retro — I love it and plan to keep it.

    Our big hopes and dreams include adding a bathroom to the master. We envision it being built right by the doorway (basically taking out that closet + covering up that door that we don’t use — there’s another door down the hallway to the back patio). No rush at this point, but it’s something we hope to do in a few years.

    We also plan to have a little reading nook in the bedroom, once the couch and TV move into the family room. The room is so big, and we’d like to take advantage of that.

    I have no idea when we’ll actually renovate the upstairs because most of it was updated at some point. The first floor is our main priority for now!


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