Patio Lighting

    November 10, 2016

    I think we’ve made it clear that we’ve been doing some major renovations (busting through brick walls, building new stairs, etc.), but we’ve also been cranking out some pretty easy ones too! For example, we’ve switched out most of the light switches, outlets and electrical wall plates on the first floor. It was such a simple task, so we didn’t blog about it. Though now I’m thinking we need to share projects like that one, so you can see the progress we’re making, little by little.

    One of those easy projects literally took about 10 minutes. We love our back patio and spent a lot of time out there in the summer (read about how we cleared out some overwhelming bushes). Once the evenings started getting shorter with the darkness creeping in, we knew we needed to get a light out there. We also live in the middle of a forest, so you can imagine just how dark it gets here! Luckily the wires were all set up for us, so we all we had to do was pick out a light and install it. Now this was my kind of project!


    A few things to note in these pictures… 1) we plan to power-wash that brick on the bottom and 2) we plan to install a new screen door. Remember how I keep talking about priorities? Yeah, these are not priorities right now.


    Anyway! We picked out a light fixture at Home Depot, and it’s perfect for the back patio and the vibe we were hoping to achieve. If I remember correctly it was around $20. Again…my kind of project!

    img_0972 img_0974 img_0976

    This was a very satisfying project to do because it was quick but made a big difference. It’s nice to throw in projects like this one because little milestones give us a lot of momentum!


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