Reyna + Bear


Meet Reyna.

We are 100%, hands-down obsessed with our sweet girl, Reyna. She’s so cute though, right?!

We adopted Reyna in March 2013 when we were living in our tiny little studio in downtown San Francisco. Yes, you read that correctly. We had spent the past four years moving all over the country and were finally feeling settled. Logistically, a studio was not the perfect situation…but Reyna was abandoned by her former owners and living on the streets! She needed a home!

img_7500Reyna is a mix of…something! Originally, the rescue organization listed her a Rhodesian / Beagle mix, which is absolutely hilarious. We’ve always been fans of Rhodesians–they are smart, beautiful, and athletic pups. But most are at least 100 pounds, and well, did we mention we were living in a studio? We remember being quite nervous that Reyna wasn’t two years old when we adopted her. What if she was actually a full-bred Rhodesian puppy that was going to grow up in a tiny apartment? Thankfully, she’s maintained a perfect 30 pounds.

Anyway, Reyna is the absolute sweetest. She is a snuggler, and always wants to be curled up on the couch with a blanket. She sleeps with us every night and totally loves to spoon. This dog!

Meet Bear.

We had been wanting to get a friend for a Reyna for quite some time. One weekend we took a break from working on home renovations and instead decided to adopt a dog! Bear, a Bluetick Coonhound / Lab mix, was found as a stray by the Nebraska Humane Society. He was actually adopted and then surrendered two weeks later by someone who lived in an apartment.


We knew that our little acreage, which is completely fenced, would be so loved by Bear…so we took Reyna with us and had a meet-and-greet. He’s been with us since August 2016, and we love him so much! He’s a sweet boy and super chill.

We believe he’s two years old, and he certainly still has some puppy qualities. He loves to play outside and then crashes so hard. He’ll fall asleep anywhere — it’s the cutest. Bear is around 65 pounds of pure love and joy.