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September 19, 2017

Hello! I realize it’s been months (over four, but who’s counting?!) since we posted an update. While we’ve been working on the house here and there, other aspects of our life have taken control. Renovating an entire house is tough…why didn’t anyone tell us that? 😉 We’re 100% happy with the projects we’ve done though. Sure, it’d be so nice if we could work on the house all the time, but we both have full-time jobs and it just isn’t possible. Instead we’re slowly and surely making progress.

Most of the projects we worked on over the summer weren’t very glamorous. For that reason, I just never thought to share an update. For example, we  cleared out the spare bedroom, most of the great room, and the entire shed. I’m talking old hardwood floors, drywall from busted-out walls, and other old construction materials. We rented a U-Haul, filled it up, and took it to the city dump. You guys, we had 3,000 pounds of waste. THREE THOUSAND POUNDS. It felt so good to rid our house of that junk!

We also replaced some old piping from the bathroom sink, which turned into a floor replacement project when we found that one of the toilets had a slow leak. Again, super lame projects for a blog. And we installed some vinyl flooring as a temporary solution in the laundry/mud room. There used to be very gross carpet in there — no carpet pad, and it wasn’t even secured with carpet tack strips. We purchased a new washer and dryer (swoon!-they are beautiful!) and wanted an updated flooring option for those. Our long-term goal is to rip out the cabinets and re-build them, so then we’ll put down actual tile at that point.

Oh! I guess we did install windows in the great room…but I totally slacked on photos! More on those at some point…

All of that to say: we’re working on the house! I promise.

One fun project that we’ve started on is the great room, now that we’ve replaced those windows. Evan has been sanding down all the wooden beams, and they look great! I started scraping all the paint from the car-siding in preparation for new paint. We’ll be extending gas lines soon to the fireplaces, so we can convert both of them to gas. Yay!

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