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May 3, 2017

I’m honestly not quite sure when we’ll get to the kitchen renovation. I know I referenced in a previous post that it was tentatively scheduled for this summer. Ahhh, that was cute! Our main priority is the great room, followed by re-gaining access to one of the bedrooms…and then the kitchen follows. Next spring? Maybe? Don’t quote me on that. 

I wanted to at least share some pictures of it along with our ideas for the renovation.

My favorite parts about the kitchen right now are the missing cabinet door and the fact that someone just painted right over the hinges on the cabinets. Two lovely features. #sarcasm

We plan to keep the cabinets because we really do like their style, but we’ll be switching to white. Evan wants to build concrete counter tops, and I’m lusting for a white porcelain farmhouse sink. Luckily all the appliances were switched out for stainless steel models before we moved in, so the only one we’ll be replacing is the stove. Switching to gas–I can hardly wait!

See those two cabinet doors by the window? I have an idea to take those out and replace it with open shelving — some sort of fun wooden shelves. As for the four cut-outs, we hope to frame them out with wood for a cleaner look. Oh! And subway tile! We’ll have that as the backsplash all around including the main wall for the open shelving next to the windows (and the windows will be replaced). There is under-cabinet lighting right now, which we like. We’ll most likely swap that out for some LED fixtures.

Those beams will stay though we’ll refinish them in some way. Those disgusting fluorescent lights however? Peace out, along with that weird outlet row below the window. 

So those are our plans! The one thing we haven’t decided yet (and it seems so simple yet we just can’t make a decision…) is the color of hardware on the cabinets/drawers. I really love the brushed gold that seems to be so trendy now. Is it too trendy though? Maybe classic black? Or brushed nickel? Help?


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  • Reply Brandon Meyers May 4, 2017 at 7:43 pm

    First off Annie and I love this blog and have already stolen some ideas from you (thanks!) We are redoing our kitchen right now and really love the look of rustic copper or brushed gold hardware on white cabinets. Plus hardware is easy to swap out if you don’t like down the road.

  • Reply Michelle @ And Then We Tried June 8, 2017 at 1:21 pm

    I recently refinished my counters using feather finish concrete, it was pretty simple to do, so that’s an option for your counters! (I’m not sure if you were leaning towards poured concrete)

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