Architectural Drawings

April 28, 2017

Last week we received a letter in the mail from Restoration Exchange Omaha. It’s a nonprofit dedicated to preserving and renovating old buildings, homes, and neighborhoods in the Omaha metro area. The letter indicated that REO came into possession of some architectural plans of our house.

Evan and I talk about the history of our home a lot and know it has a story — but we just don’t have that much info about it. Besides the fact that it was originally built as a fox-hunting lodge, we don’t know much else. Well, you can imagine our excitement when REO contacted us!

We let them know we were interested in seeing the drawings, and they shared they actually have 50+ pages of architectural plans! They emailed us some examples, and we saw some drawings of a renovation that took place in the mid-60s.

We can’t wait to get our hands on all the documents and will, of course, share more on the blog when we do!


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