Our New Stairs

April 25, 2017

I’ve been waiting to write this post for months…since last summer, actually, when we first started working on the stairs. Not like I’ve been counting the days or anything…

They’re not totally finished, but let’s be real. Show me a project we’ve actually finished. This is real life, friends! We still need to add quarter-round to each step where it meets the riser, as well as a railing. But those are minor details…who wants to take a bet on when we’ll finally be done with the stairs? 🙂

Aren’t they beautiful though? Gosh, we just love them so, so much. I mean, we can actually walk up and down them without contorting our legs in weird ways since the original steps were so steep and narrow. I don’t fear for my life when I’m taking the laundry basket up and down between loads. And the dogs? They’re taking them slow, which is great!

This has been an extremely time-consuming project, and we were probably (nay: absolutely!) way in over heads then we even realized. But it was worth it! Evan did such a great job designing the stairs and figuring out all the weird angles for the cuts. They’re unique just like the rest of our home, which we love.

We are so so so close to finishing the living room. We’ll be adding drywall to the wall where the fireplace is since the brick is in pretty bad shape. We plan to convert the fireplace to a gas-insert model and remove the hood to replace it with a more standard, simple mantel (that we’ll build ourselves). Baseboards need to be installed and then we’ll finish off the built-in cabinet…that’s about it. I know it probably seems like we have a lot to do still…but I look at those projects and think they’re pretty straight-forward. I suppose things will appear simple when compared to the stairs! It will feel so great to get this room finished. 

The stairs serve as our inspiration for the rest of the house. We’re telling our friends and family to think of the stairs as they look at the rest of the house, which for the most part, is still quite a mess. But the stairs! Perhaps the stairs were our way of proving to ourselves that we can totally renovate an entire house. I think we’re still a bit overly-confident, but I also think you kind of have to be in order to survive a reno.

If you follow us on Instagram, you know we ordered new windows for the great room. Those should arrive in May, and we’re going to install them ourselves. We purchased Lincoln windows from Builders Supply, if you’re wondering. Once the windows are replaced, we’re going to start the actual renovation of the great room. I cannot even imagine what it’s going to be like when it’s renovated. Right now, we keep the Dutch door shut to the great room. It’s crazy to think of the square footage we’re going to gain once it’s done!


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