Finishing the Stairs

March 20, 2017

Friends, if you follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook, you know that we are BACK. That’s right, after a winter hiatus, we’ve started on the renovation projects again. It feels good! But you know what? The break over the winter also felt good. We feel completely refreshed and oh-so-motivated. Let’s do this!

We started finishing the stairs (insert 14 exclamation points). Yep, we built them last summer and have been enjoying their…um…rustic state ever since. As a friendly reminder, here are couple photos of the original stairs and the ones we built…

A couple weekends ago, we added the front pieces of plywood to the risers and started framing out the trim. The trim is necessary for a more seamless transition between the white risers and the off-white brick and drywall. The risers and trim are same color as the baseboards and trim in the rest of the house (Glidden-Fence Post White, if you’re curious!).

Nothing about the stairs has been easy. They’re not standard in any way, so it’s been a bit of headache to figure out everything. And obviously, I mean a headache for Evan. He’s been doing all the work. That man! Don’t worry — the pups and I provide a lot of moral support. 🙂

Have we talked about that built-in cabinet off to the right? There will be cabinet doors on the bottom (two sets of two), and then wine storage and book shelves on the top. We’ll be painting the bead board a fun accent color (TBD). We’ll share a post soon about that project.

We used wood filler in the seams and then a power sander to smooth everything before painting.

It’s crazy how much more complete the stairs look, and we’ve only barely started the process to finish them. I cannot wait until we start adding the hardwood to the steps — I think they are going to look so beautiful against the white risers.

In the photo above…we’ll be adding a little end-cap to that corner edge for a better transition from brick to drywall.

The color on the brick and drywall is Cappuccino White by Glidden (side note: here’s a fun press release about it being named their color of year; we had no idea when we picked it!). It’s warm and soft without being too yellow/creamy, and it’s a taupe-ish/gray without it being too drab or cold. We really like it!

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  • Reply Sarah March 20, 2017 at 1:59 pm

    The stairs are looking so beautiful! I’m so excited to see them finished with the wood flooring!

  • Reply Stacy March 21, 2017 at 6:53 am

    Beautiful work!

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