70 Degrees in February

February 24, 2017

Here’s Nebraska for you…we’re currently in a winter weather advisory and yet I’m here to share pictures from last weekend when it was in the 70s! You’d think we’d be used to the dramatic changes in weather, but it still catches us by surprise at times. When we lived in California (specifically, Palo Alto), every day was essentially the same…paradise. Of course, we’re so happy to be in Nebraska — but it’s no secret that I’m totally over winter!

Last weekend was beautiful. We brewed beer (a clone of this amber ale!) and gave both patios a good cleaning. We certainly took advantage of the weather, and I’m so glad we spent most of the weekend outside. Reyna + Bear loved exploring the forest together!

We’ve taken a bit of a break from renovations. It’s tough to find the motivation to tackle home projects when it’s so cold and gets dark so early in the winter. It’s actually been really nice — certainly a chance to recharge! We’re looking forward to spring (when it’s here to stay!) and to getting back to renovations.

We have ignored this fun little nook for too long!¬†There’s a really cool copper light fixture here, and now I’m searching for a new rug and planter. I just love the teal door against the beautiful brick!

It felt great to have the windows open and get some fresh air in the house! Hoping this winter storm we’re having now is the last before spring…fingers crossed!

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