The Container Store: Omaha

October 22, 2016


When we lived in downtown San Francisco, we were only a couple blocks from The Container Store. In fact, I walked by The Container Store twice every day — on my way to and from work. #Blessed. They make organization fun and easy, and all of their products are just so beautiful!

I’ve missed The Container Store ever since moving to Nebraska but good news, my fellow Nebraskans! The Container Store in Omaha is NOW OPEN! They are hosting their grand opening event this weekend, and 10% of all sales will support the Omaha Children’s Museum. They always partner with a local nonprofit when they open a new store, which is so great. I’ve worked for numerous nonprofits, so I especially love this!



TCS hosted some Omaha bloggers on Thursday for lunch and a tour of the new store. I had such a great time learning about this amazing company and their products/services. They have over 11,000 products, which is insane! I also enjoyed meeting other local bloggers — Omaha is home to some wonderful people sharing great content online.



If you’ve never been to a TCS, oh my goodness, you’re in for a treat. Forewarning: you will want to organize everything you own, even things you did know you could organize. While I absolutely love all of our renovation projects for our home, I cannot wait until those are done so focus can be placed on organization!

If you go to the grand opening event, let me know!


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