Practicing Patience

August 11, 2016

We just returned from California! I hadn’t been since I moved back to Nebraska two years ago. We flew into LA, rented a car, and drove up the coast. We stayed in Santa Barbara, Monterey, Mountain View, and Sonoma. We got up early for morning runs along the beach, drank amazing lattes, ate indulgent meals, and enjoyed delicious wine. It was nice to take a break from renovations; we feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle more projects.

Cali Vaca

If there’s anything these renovations are teaching us, it’s patience. While it is oh-so-easy to dismiss the current state of the house and focus on what it might be like when it’s finished, we are trying so very hard to enjoy the entire process. If we don’t, then we’ll truly lose out on so much — we don’t want to wish life away. Time flies so fast anyway, it’s important for us to be in the moment.

We’re practicing patience all the time. Like when we had to walk down the stairs sideways because the steps were too narrow. (But now we have NEW stairs!) Or when we have to hang a blanket over a window because we just aren’t sure what type of curtain/fabric/blinds we want. Also when we roll out the trash and recycling bins down our long driveway and they almost tip over because the ground is so uneven. And when we keep finding layers of red dust (everywhere!) from cutting through brick walls. Patience, man.

There’s a fun side to patience though. Like when I was laughing hysterically going to bed one evening because a curtain rod kept falling on Evan. (I’m so nice.) Or early on a weekend morning while we sip home-roasted coffee and watch deer mosey around our property, completely ignoring the mess surrounding us. Practicing patience really means focusing on the here and now — and being content in the moment.

I think the reason it can be tough at times is because we can see the potential and get so darned excited about completed projects. We’ll get there, slowly but surely. That’s the constant reminder we tell ourselves.

Until then, cheers to broken curtain rods, uneven driveways, and the peaceful moments throughout.


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