Duct Tape Door

July 20, 2016

You are about to see perhaps one of the most disgusting doors of all time. I almost want to go run and hide after posting these “before” photos. But this is a judgment-free zone, just as all renovation projects should be! So let’s do this…



The door from the mudroom to the garage boasts beautiful duct tape over a broken window and dirt/dust packed on real thick. As you can imagine, replacing this door ASAP just made sense. There’s also a screen door, which we decided not to replace and instead just have a fiberglass door connecting the garage and mudroom.


We purchased a pre-hung door Menards during one of their 11% rebate sales (surprise, surprise). We measured the current opening multiple times to ensure that a pre-hung door would work, and we are so thankful that it did! It definitely saved us time. The installation was pretty smooth — we had to add a few shims to ensure a snug fit. Other than that, it was pretty straight forward.


We still need to add trim around the door, but we’re waiting until we change out the flooring. Yeahhh, that carpet will soon become tile! We feel like the carpet is just holding in musty smells, which is never pleasant. Super excited to get to that project! (It feels like I say that about every project…)



With that said, the door alone makes a huge difference! It is so nice to do laundry in a space that doesn’t feel as gross! 


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