weekend vibes 7.17.16

July 17, 2016

Welcome to a new series on Foxwood Forest: weekend vibes. We’ll be sharing some random links for inspiration, as well as a ridiculously cute picture of Reyna being absolutely lazy and enjoying the weekend. We hope you take a cue from our sweet pup and find time to relax this weekend too!


We’ve been working on our stairs, and it’s starting to feel real! We haven’t talked too much about the stairs, but they are so steep and narrow. We’ll share more about them soon but for now, just know that this project is a BIG one! You can find a sneak peek on our Instagram

Here’s a roundup of things that caught our attention online recently. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Five Easy-To-Care-For Houseplants
// A Beautiful Mess
If you follow us on Instagram, you  may have seen the succulents I planted back in May. So pretty, right? Yeah, well three have already died BUT the other two are looking great! Balance? The two left standing are very hearty and the ones that died were fragile and delicate to begin with. Anyway, here are five houseplants that are supposedly super easy to care for. Right up my alley!

Evolution of a Room, Girl’s Bedroom Edition
// Young House Love
To state the obvious, we’re obsessed with Young House Love and are happy that they’ve been posting some updates recently. I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of how a room has changed, and it certainly made me realize that while a room may feel complete at one point, it can definitely evolve. This is important for us to remember because we will be renovating two spare bedrooms, which will hopefully turn into kids’ rooms at some point. So how do we decorate now knowing it will likely change over time? Our main issue is that we don’t want to spend so much money on decor if it will be changing in the next few years. Just some things to keep in mind!

Dining Chairs
// Article
We purchased our leather sofa from Article (previously known as Bryght) this spring and love love love it. It took a lot of courage to order a couch online, but we are so happy with it! So much in fact that we also ordered our dining table from them — it should arrive in August! Now we’re on the hunt for chairs, and Article just launched a few new designs. We’re still trying to figure out exactly what we want, and between Article and All Modern (another fav!) we should be able to find something. 

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